All Natural Foot Scrubs


Soothing and moisturizing. This is luxurious for your feet.

Foot scrubs are a great alternative to foot soaks too. They are a quick way to take care of your feet and feel rested, especially after a long day on your feet. Foot scrubs are luxurious, you need a very small amount so the jar lasts a long time.  Nothing is more soothing than a foot massage, it improves circulation and softens the skin and nails. This can improve foot health and general well being.Our Handcrafted formula with Dead sea salt, Coffee grounds, poppy seeds, rosehip powder, apricot seed and pumice provides a great exfoliation leaving soft refreshed feet.




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Rose Best natural foot scrubs  naturally soothes, exfoliates and refreshes tired feet and are made from Pure butters and oils. It absorbs in your skin that makes it healthy and soft. It has Cocoa Butter, Rice Bran oil, Avocado oil, Grape seed Oil, Pumice, Luffa, Apricot seed powder, Vitamin E, Dead sea salt, European Spa Salt, Essential oils of orange Lemon and Bergamot. An Ultimate Pampering Experience for your feet.

Vitamin E has been used for years to soothe the skin, Cocoa butter is an emollient and helps soothe the skin.  Avocado oil has excellent penetrating properties, Rice Bran oil is a well kept secret to great looking skin and grape seed oil is gentle to the skin. Pumice, Coffee grounds, poppy seeds, rosehip powder and apricot seed add the exfoliation while cleansing the feet of any impurities in the skin. Dead sea salt buffs the skin.

No Alcohol, No Parabens, SLS or Phthalates.

Available in  4oz size.


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