Community Support

Rose Best has a Community Goal:

We hope hygiene is never a barrier to getting a education. School should be a source of pride for students, not shame.

Our founder, Zehra, worked with children for 21 years and noticed that many were teased at school because they could not afford proper hygiene. After seeing this impact the education of so many children, Zehra made it her goal to donate soaps to give hygiene products to homeless kids.

This year we have donated 262 travel size soaps to kids and families in shelter. Each time you buy products in our company, you are helping towards a child going to school clean and ready to tackle the day.

please note this is a new service: As a client if you want us to make soap and donate to a charity, please call us and we will help your thought come to fruition. A loaf is $24 and leads to 18 travel size soaps, a full batch is 4 loaves. 

Company Values

We believe in Kindness and Having a big Heart – We reflect kindness in all we do. We serve our customers with kindness, we want them to feel love and be embraced with care.

We do Meaningful work– Staff who work for us and our customers understand that it is not just making soap but it is to serve a higher need.

Honesty in our work is important for us. Integrity and honesty goes hand in hand for us- It is reflected in the ingredients we buy. Locally sourced products that are ethically made. The products we make and ingredients we add are genuine and can be trusted by all.

We love Creativity– have fun and reflect beauty in all we do.

Education is very important for us – Through our work we want to invest in the community. We consider that every child deserves a education with no worries. We believe in doing a small part by providing hygiene needs for kids in homeless shelters. This helps them go to school with pride and enjoy their day stress free. We put Good back in the world.

During this time of need – April 2020 we were able to give 70 travel size soaps to Grace Centers of Hope.

September 2020 we gave 70 travel size soaps to homeless shelter.

November 2020 we gave 70 travel size soaps to Corner_Shower and                                                              Laundry. We will be doing this often for them.  They are in Detroit, MI. This place provides free showers and laundry services to homeless people.  –Every time you buy from us, you are helping another human be clean and live with dignity.

In December a client requested us to donate 20 travel size soaps to Corner, Shower and Laundry. We donated 52 travel size soaps to Jefferson Douglas Cornerstone Academy- Detroit School.


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